A wondrous key to unlocking smiles!

May 12th, 2016No Comments

I am in awe of the human brain!  It’s mysteries are endless.

I am amazed how music is still the universal language and can give, even those who are ‘locked away’ inside their minds, a renewed sense of connection.

Yesterday, at a local rehabilitation and care center, we gave a show for the residents. Before the show starts, we always have background music playing to put folks ‘in the mood’ for what’s to come!!  I go out into the audience and shake hands, connect and say “Welcome”!

One lovely resident was eager to speak to me, but her words were unintelligible, as she was hampered by what appeared to be effects of a stroke. I smiled and nodded, as if in agreement, but not sure to what I was agreeing with, actually.  She didn’t seem to mind.

THEN, when we started the show, I could see she was actually forming the words, as if singing along, to the actual words in most all the songs!  Songs she had song before, and knew by heart!

This is the magic folks!!  This is how the brain will endeavour to endure NO MATTER what!!

Smiles were happening all around, we had one resident dancer get with me three times to ‘boogie’.    And a darling 101 year old resident was ‘dancing in her seat’ through the whole event!!  Move it girl!! – ENJOY!!

I just wish staff stuck around to enjoy seeing how the residents get so much lasting value from our hour together!  I encourage family members and friends to be there too.

ALIVE INSIDE, the movie!!!!  “Google” it.










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