Adventures In Polymer Clay

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Islands Crafts And MorePolymer Clay Savannah Georgia

Shirley and Diane wearing their new creations!

Polymer Clay is an amazing ‘medium’ to create with! So many possibilities!!

I have started teaching “Adventures in Polymer Clay” Classes on Tuesdays, from 9am-1pm, at the Talahi Island Community Center, near Savannah, GA. The first class was a lot of fun and lots of creative juices were evident! All of this weeks ‘adventurers’ were new to the world of polymer clay, and yet turned out some amazing pendents! Here is a photo of two good friends who attended, wearing their creations!!

Polymer Clay Pendant

Pendant made by Twila


There is more info on my new facebook page, titled Island Crafts and More!  Please ‘like’ my page, and send me any requests for classes!!

ALSO….Please let me know if YOU have a craft or a hobby you’d enjoy teaching!!  I will get it set up for you!

Consider knitting, crochet, beading, painting, cooking, baking, paper arts!! What do you enjoy that others would like to learn about!?


Here are some useful links:

Polymer Clay Classes in Savannah

White Stone Pendant by Debi Scott



Here is our original inspiration for the first class “White Stone Necklace”.   After making a similar piece, the students were inspired to create an original pendant using the materials and tools they learned about.

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Polymer Clay Class, Savannah

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