Angel Wings

Sep 8th, 2009No Comments
Polymer clay angel wings

Polymer clay angel wings

This is my first try at angel wings.  I was inspired by a picture I saw online. I drew out a basic shape in paper and made two wings, then just added long feathers and the center fluff feathers.

They have a sort of metallic look and that is what I was striving for; sort of a distressed silver.

I am not sure about the necklace – I think it should be hanging from another type of necklace, but I don’t know what.

My next goal is to make a better set of wings and then make a mold.  These took about 2 hours + baking – I think it took about 4 bakings – with different layers and adding the center piece (with the ring) and putting on a back clay covering for a finished look.

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