Another Christmas Tree Idea

Apr 16th, 2008No Comments

I ran accross this picture from a few years ago and wanted to add it to my blog as a reminder.  It was a fairly easy one.  Extrude a snake of green clay.  Roll a small brown clay base and put it at the bottom then start laying out the snake in a tree shape.  I cut a small star from yellow clay and put it at the top, and added little balls of color around into the holes for decoration.  I am sure you can think of more ways to decorate it.  This would also make a cute pin.   I added a little wire hanger to the back before it was baked…with, I think, another gold star.  I remember putting gold ‘rub-n-buff’ on the high spots after it was baked.

The little candy canes are just white and red snakes rolled together and make very thin.  then cut and turned onto a baking tile.  I just hung them onto a miniature Christmas tree without adding holders, they go right over the branches.

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