Baby Turtle Necklace

Aug 8th, 2012No Comments

I’ve created an homage to the tenacity of the turtle!

On Tybee Island, and of course other islands around the globe, the Sea Turtle eggs have been hatching recently and the baby turtles scurry towards the open arms of the ocean.

This symbol is a wonderful gift for someone seeking inspiration during a new chapter of their life……divorce, career change, child birth…or any challenge that requires patience and perseverance!!

Each pendant has been individually hand crafted (no mold was used). Then it was heat cured, hand painted,and sealed with three layers of acrylic glaze.  Each is a one of a kind creation and has it’s own charm.

The turtle is a symbol of patience, perseverance and longevity!!

Enjoy the powers of the TURTLE!! 

Each pendant is $25 plus $4 shipping.  Includes a gift bag and an information card describing the necklace and a printed card on the symbolism of the turtle.

If you have questions, please email me at: debi(at)debiscott(dot)com

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