Christmas Tree

Apr 16th, 2008No Comments

Thought I had better get into the Christmas spirit for this year and make something new.  I found an old cookie cutter, saved to use only with PC, of course, and cut out a shape of some scrap green clay.  I wasn’t at all pleased until I used some two different shades of green Pearlex Powders on the tree, prior to baking.  I had to work with a small brush around the ornaments.  How do you like the little light bulbs?  I made them with a teeny-tiny bit of white in a flame shape with an even tinier bit of yellow in the same shape placed on top, then using a needle tool, placed it onto a spot on the tree…the needle tool give it the dark spot in the center that helps give it a flame look.  Then after I put all the ‘flames’ around the tree, I rolled, by hand, some black clay in a very thin chord and put it under the flames, for the wire.  I used a dark gold Pearlex Powder for the trunk of the tree….OH…and before I even put the first ornament on, I used that needle tool to score some lines for tree fronds.  Putting on the PPowders makes the lines stand out.  I used a small cutter for the star and coated that with PP also.  I made a simple wire holder and stuck it to the back before baking….I had to glue the wire onto the finished piece, because I didn’t embed it into the clay before firing…just sort of stuck it to the back and it didn’t stay.

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