Entertaining Savannah Seniors

Oct 6th, 2014No Comments

The title for this blog post is as much a description of the wonderful ‘seniors’ that I entertain, as the actual activity itself!

Yes, I am an entertainer-BUT-the wonderful audiences of ‘over 60’s’ that I present my show to are ever so entertaining to me and to each other…as they are totally present in the moment, and eager to participate in the event….and not shy about it either!!

As a celebration for the Senior Safari of 2014, I was invited to perform at the New Years Eve Party, the Valentine’s Party, and Mardi Gras.  Thanks to the Greater Savannah Coalition on Aging and their local sponsors!

New Years Eve was a full out blast with hats and noisemakers!!  The biggest noisemaker was me, I suppose… BUT the biggest moment of joy was singing to “Mr. B”, his requested “Always” and I looked behind me to find ladies lined up to dance with him!!  Magic moment!!!

Line Dancing was a part of the Valentines Party, as the “Red Hat Ladies” strutted to some big band favorites, prior to the show, and I led them in “The Cupid Shuffle” after my show!  I can tell you there was a woman in her 90’s dancing that was UNSTOPPABLE, and quite an inspiration!!

Mardi Gras in Savannah

These amazing ‘seniors’ ALWAYS bring out the ‘ham’ in me, and make it so easy to interact and ‘cut up’ with a silly character – like FiFi LaRude – the NOLA French accented hussie – singing “I’m in the Mood for Love”.  Perfect for the Mardi Gras celebration.  Check out the photo here…. as the women at the table love to see the men I ‘snuggle up to’ get into the fun!!

Senior Entertainer

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