Garden Fairy House

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Garden Fairy House end

Made from cutting top third and bottom third of large plastic soda bottle.  Tape together seam.  Hot glue strands onto the whole surface, to give look of bark.  Cover with one coat of Gesso. Dry.

Cut an old CD into semi rounded shapes to make windows.  Hot Glued to both sides.

Painted with light coat of iridescent paint, leaving some areas of white.  Dab some brown into low areas.  Added the inside of a Scotch Tape roll to the top of the bottle top, to extend the ‘chimney’…  Using Quikrete two part epoxy, I added some small stones.  Ended up the QK dries so fast, that I had to use hot glue to add more stones.

Had some old fake ivy that I took leaves from and glued them around under the chimney.   Lightly ModPodged some glitter to leaves and on the base.

I finally decided to use ‘Air Dry” clay to make window frames and a door surround.  Made it look like wood and bark (sort of) and after drying overnight, I painted this part with a brown/gold and green stipple effect.

I went back and put a coat of Dimensional Magic on the ‘windows’ which turned out to give them a ‘rainbow’ effect in the light!

Fairy Garden in progress 12Fairy Garden in prgress4

Fairy Garden in prgress1

Garden Fairy House d2

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