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blueflowercaneI think this is utter genius!  A fellow ‘clayer’ has figured out a way to make canes (ex. flowers) without using translucent in between the petals.   The video is a bit longer than need be, but worth watching.

Did YOU know that Play-Doh is water soluable?  I guess that is why kids are allowed to play with it, yeah?? and it’s probably edible too, but don’t want to try that!

The video is at the bottom of the page: Easy Cane reduction using Play-Doh

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  1. Paul says:

    Hi Debi you left a comment on the Devil’s blog at about the Little Tybee track asking if the quality could be tweaked. Unfortunately I can;t do that, not just because I lack any sort of technical ability to tweak the quality of an MP3 but because the track is linked direct from Team Clermont. You could try the Little Tybee myspace site where you may be able to hear more of the singing.

    Anyways nice blog. I hope you keep coming back to the Devil’s blog to discover new and interesting bands and music.


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