Moon and Sun!

Apr 16th, 2008No Comments

In honor of the new year and all things celestial, I have created a Moon and Sun pin set.  Using my new molds that my DH bought me for Christmas, I made these two pins.  The molds are Maureen Carlsons, made for AMACO.  I read somewhere, or saw her on the Carol Duval showing how to change the faces to be different, so they have different personalities.  You can play with the eyes, noses and mouths to give varying effects.

I curved the moon ends more to suit my taste and added a hole at the top so I cold hang a star.  There are stars that come with the Moon mold set, and before I baked one, I put a hole in it to accommodate the chain links.

Also, prior to baking I put color on the raw clay with Pearlex Powders.  I used a little water to make a paste of the powder for the Sun’s eye shadow, and her cheeks.  The pictures don’t show the depth of color, but I think they give the face life.  After baking I put on two thin coats of verathane floor wax to keep the powders from rubbing off.  I have not yet done this on the Moon.

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