Holly and Berries Pin

Apr 16th, 2008No Comments

I got an inspiration last night and turned out this pin.  Finished it today, putting a back on it and even got to wear it to a meeting.  I think the finish looks better in person, as I brushed on Pearlex Powders before baking, and it leaves a nice sheen to the leaves.   As far finding inspiration ?…,  just pick up any magazine with Christmas stuff and something will come to you, I am sure!  Again I used my favorite – flat marbles with silver rub n buff on the back.  Let it dry, then place on a sheet of clay, …then I cut out the three leaves and placed them where I thought they looked good.  Also, I tried making some smaller than usual snakes with my extruder and wrapping them around the leaves….?? see the one in the center? for a little suprise….  Hope you like it.

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