I Love Fan Mail

Jun 17th, 2014No Comments


When Debi and Ian came to perform
We all wanted to make their welcome warm.

We hurried in, while the crowd was growing,
Until the whole room was overflowing.

Happily down in front we took a seat,
to watch debi prance about, all upbeat.

Then we sat patiently waiting and soon
She regaled the crowd with favorite tunes.

She brought joy to our hearts, grins to our faces,
Transporting us off to some wondrous places.

She brought us magic with every song,
Our memories found words to sing along.

With scarfs and hats, she paraded the aisles,
strutting with a cane, she evoked wide smiles.

Her puppet puppy was so endearing,
It made us feel like standing and cheering.

We clapped our hands and we patted our feet,
Or just basked glowing in reverie sweet.

She left us clamoring for an encore
Leaving us wanting ever so much more.

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