iPod Case

Apr 16th, 2008No Comments

Well, this is a real IPOD Case.  I don’t even OWN a real IPOD.  I do, however, own an MP3 player that I enjoy greatly and except for NOT having an AM receiver, it is perfect.   It took a while to make this.  It was my third attempt at an IPOD Case, but it is by far my favorite.  I made one for my MP3 player too…..here it is.

I made this one with a combination of the regular clay and the ?bendy? clay (whatever it’s called…can’t think) Anyway, it gives it a more plyable functionality and it’s easy to put the case into and take it out of.  On my MP3 player, the earphones come out the top, unlike an IPOD which come out the bottom, so I didn’t make this with a hole in the bottom.  Actually, I think this wearable ‘vessel’ is more suited as a holder for a few bucks and one key, on a short trip to the store.  When I have tried to wear it as an MP3 holder, there seems to be too much ‘chording’ going on….with the necklace and then the earphones.  Well, discovery is a process, after all….right??  Thanks for agreeing with me.

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