Perfect Pearls Powders

Apr 16th, 20081 Comment

I was reading over some posts from one of the Polymer Clay Yahoo Groups tonight and there was some talk about “Perfect Pearls” being better than the Pearlex Powders most of us use on the clay prior to baking.  Evidently, unlike the Pearlex, these powders don’t need any after-coat to keep them from washing off after baking.  It is a Ranger craft product.

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  1. Mrs. C says:

    Perfect Pearls has resin. So, it is unnecessary to coat or glaze. Both pigments are mica based.

    “Create dazzling pearlsescent effects with Perfect Pearls™ and Perfect Medium™. Specially developed with a built-in resin, Perfect Pearls™ Pigments are easy to use wet or dry. Mix with watercolors, inks, acrylic paints, Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel™, embossing powders and other mediums for radiant results!?” (

    Donna Kato also gives Polished Pigments as another pigment that has wonderful results. She says, “Pearlex and Perfect Pearls are both created by adding pigment to a mica base, while Polished Pigments begin with the pigment and add the mica. As a result, Polished Pigments feature the most intense, dazzling colors. This results in more concentrated Polished Pigments colors.” (Donna Kato, The Art of Polymer Clay)

    Lumine Art Inc. says, “Polished Pigments™ are brilliant ground pigments mixed with shimmering micas. Mix with one part Polished Pigments™ to 2 parts Simple Solutions™ to make your own shimmering acrylic paints. Create a soft sheer look by adding more Simple Solution™.

    “Simple Solution™ #1 is for use on fabric, glass and leather. Simple Solution™ #2 is for use on paper, plastic, walls and Brilliant Baubles™.. Simple Solution™ #3 is for use on polymer clay, wood and terra cotta.” (

    You may have to take it one more step by coating it, but the intensity of the color makes it worthwhile.

    Many blessings to you,

    Mrs. C

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