Red Eye Pod

Apr 16th, 2008No Comments

I didn’t say IPOD, did I… don’t blame me if your google search brought you here for this, but maybe it was meant to be.  LOL

This is my “Red Eye” POD.  IT is a mystic pod, with a red eye of protection at the bottom.  OK, I made it, or rather —  it made me make it, and this is what I call it. —-get over it —- it isn’t an evil thing!  Nor am I.

The idea came from a project I did with my “CLAY BUDDIES” a few months ago at a clay day.  We made these great vessels that we found directions for in a recent Polymer Cafe magazine (see an earlier post).  I used the basic idea for the vessels and shrunk down to make a necklace.  It started with a five pointed star and I brought up the points and pinched them each together.  Adding a flat marble (with silver paint, dried, on the bottom first) with clay around to hold it.  Note:  This step was done after baking the pod once, at least.  I think the whole thing took about 4-5 bakings, because I kept adding, the spines, the round loop at the top, and the gem.

I have made others with small metal ‘clangers’ in them to make a rattle.  I’ll post them at another time.  This one is made with black clay – after it was baked it was given a coat of gold “Rub n Buff”, to highlight the details.  Looking at it again I think I will go back and give it a better coat of gold, to show off the details better.

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