Singing on Mothers Day 2012

May 22nd, 2012No Comments

I wanted to make a note of the fun I had singing on Mothers Day for the Seniors at a nearby Assisted Living center in Savannah, GA.

This is my second visit and I’m blessed to hear the supportive comments from the residents, during and after the show.

The songs bring back memories for them and I see toes tapping and they love to sing along!

I even had a call yesterday from a resident who gave me some song suggestions for the next show! I was able to include two other ‘new-old’ songs that someone else suggested during my first visit in April.

Here is a link to a short ‘mellow’ video ‘promo’ that Ian made for me with clips from that Mothers Day concert. LINK:

One of my biggest joys is seeing the smiles on their faces and twinkle in their eyes…… reminds me of my folks, who are now with God, and instead of bringing tears, it brings a warmth to my heart to know that I am able to share my gifts this way and have a vocation that I enjoy so much!

Mothers Day concert 2012

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