Wise ol’ Owl

Aug 17th, 20092 Comments

Here is my latest creature.  I was inspired by my memories of the 1960’s owls that seem to be coming back into vogue.

I used a blend of golds, browns, etc.  Mostly scrap clay blended together, then layer by layer built up his face and feathers.

After multiple baking, I used a golden paint to highlight the details.  This second picture shows the back with two ways to hang it; By pin or neck cording.  Still not sure what I want to use for the necklace.  It needs to be substantial.

This will probably be worn in the fall or winter.  It’s not really suited for summer.

Here is the back view.  The color in this shot isn’t really right, but couldn’t fix it.  The color is more true in the first picture.

Polymer Clay owl

Polymer Clay owl


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  1. Cute owl Debi! I know the owls you’re talking about from the 60’s. My sister had a big metal owl necklace with some enameling on it. (At least that’s what I remember.) Love what you did with the back of your owl! So much better than a plain flat back. Nice job!

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